Rick James – Dance Wit’ Me

I believe I first heard this song one night in New Orleans at the classic Mimi’s in the Marigny. I remember this night well because I was with friends and family and we ventured upstairs to listen to the none other than DJ Soul Sista doing her thing on the 1s and 2s. She was killing it as usual using nothing but vinyl, which is rarely seen in these days and difficult to pull off. Amongst all the people in the venue groovin’, I was holding an adult beverage, and I heard this joint begin to play. Unfamiliar with it, I got the customary head nod going shortly followed by the realization that this was a soulful track. Still foreign to the fact of whom this joint belonged to I kept listening intently until I heard the first 7 words that will forever ring in my head as my introduction to this anthem of rhythm…

“Pretty little thing, girl you’re looking fine…”

From that moment forward I was hooked to this song and all it seemed to encompass–a reason to relax, an excuse to let go of all you’re worried about, an urge forget anyone’s watching, and an instinct to simply just Dance Wit’ Me. It was written by the unforgettable Rick James in 1982 and is the opening track on his Throwin’ Down album. It peaked at number three on the Billboard R&B Singles chart and number seven on the Dance chart, but to me, none of that matters as much as the feeling it gives me when I hear it and it awakens the craving to get down and boogie. Hey, maybe it’s just me but I know that on that night in Mimi’s everyone else felt the same way I did and there was no stopping that feeling of jubilation that came with heeding Rick’s call to action. So take a listen and let me know what you think. Even if it’s after you have broken a sweat or two.

Supreme Soul


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