Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

escape-fire-posterThis is a documentary I came across that seemed interesting enough to post. I thought it touched on a few things that I believe can help remedy the issue of exorbitant healthcare spending in the United States. The film examines the ever-present forces trying to maintain the status quo in a medical industry designed for quick fixes rather than prevention, for profit-driven care and not patient-driven care. The movie was released in October 2012, and although it may not be the most timeless documentary (according to some critics of the film) it still makes several good points about issues such as over-medication, over-treatment, and reimbursement. I personally believe that prevention of a lot of health issues is the ultimate goal that the healthcare industry should be trying to find ways to reach. The old saying “it’s so simple that it just might work” often comes to mind when I think of the prevention approach to treating patients, and it sometimes surprises me that many of my patients have no idea how to prevent some of the most common health disorders from happening. That is to say, most of the people who are suffering with and dying from these diseases don’t have enough of an understanding of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc., to know what it is and the basic principles of how they are developed let alone what is needed to prevent any of them. It’s a sad sight to see someone have their foot amputated, which I’ve seen far too many times in my short life as a doctor, because of something that could have been prevented by educating them about the importance of better dietary choices and regular exercise. I know a few people will read this and scoff at the idea that people don’t know that diet and exercise can help prevent a lot of health issues. Yet, if you and all of your family members & friends never were informed of a diagnosis nor its causes because for generations you never had regular access to medical care I think you may have a different opinion of these people and their understanding. If it was not until that moment when you are in the hospital bed getting the bad news that the only way to keep you alive it to remove your foot and this is this first time you heard the words diabetes mellitus uttered from any physician’s mouth, then I’m sure you would reconsider what it means to not focus on better efforts to prevent these diseases. However, if this doesn’t phase you one bit, and it doesn’t make you think what it’s like to be on the other side in that unfortunate situation. Just go and volunteer at a local hospital for 1 week. Sit and talk to some patients. Maybe then you will learn about the regularly declining health of so many that don’t deserve it. Maybe then you will see what it’s like to be in a position to help someone, yet too late to do anything about it. Maybe then you will see what I’ve seen, and maybe then you will have a better answer to fixing the problems that prevention is apparently to antiquated to remedy.

Sorry if that was too much, but as you can tell I’ve been through some things with and for my patients. Check out the trailer below if you’re still interested. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the rest of 3GW when you get a chance.

Supreme Soul