Daley – Alone Together (Acoustic)

I may be extremely late with posting this one seeing that it was released to YouTube back in April of 2013, but since it’s still some great singing from an artist with a gifted voice I’m sure you’ll love it just the same. The original is a classic song with its music video garnering over 2 million views. That version features the talented Marsha Ambrosius, and if you’ve never heard it I’ve included it below. Once you hear the original, I think you can appreciate the range Daley has with his vocal styling. You may also get a better sense of what the song means if you pay attention to the acoustic version. Either way, enjoy the talent that is Daley and thanks for stopping by 3GW.

Supreme Soul

2 thoughts on “Daley – Alone Together (Acoustic)

  1. I really wanted to be blown away by this but I prefer the original version. This one sounds good but the other is amazing.

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