J*Davey – No More

If you know me or you’ve been around me enough, I’m sure you’ve heard me play this joint a few times. It is definitely soul music and some would say neo-soul, but I think of it as “sultry soul” with a feel that makes it easy to put on repeat and lose yourself in the rhythm, melody, and lyrics altogether or one by one. It’s your choice. The first time I heard it I was blown away, and I still am quick to put it on for people not knowledgeable to the music of J*Davey. They are a dynamic talent hailing from Los Angeles, and this song comes from their 2008 album entitled “The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost“. If you enjoy it I highly recommend checking out some of their other music. Thanks for reading and listening. Come back and check us out at 3GW.

Supreme Soul


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