Eminem – Survival

Just caught wind of this track from a friend’s recommendation. Sounds like Eminem is back at his high standard of endless lyricism, and it is a much welcomed track after a 3 year hiatus. Survival is set to be a part of Marshall’s next album. Now when that album is released, who knows. But until then take a listen to the track below.

Supreme Soul


Ariana Grande – Right There feat. Big Sean

Stumbled across this one after checking out one of the links featured under 3GW’s own Other Sites page. Never heard of Ariana Grande before this track, but since I saw it said there was a sample of Crush On You by Lil Kim I gave it a listen. I’m glad I did, because Ms. Grande and Big Sean did a pretty good job on this collaboration. If I wasn’t paying attention to the screen, I could see how this young lady could sound like Mariah Carey somewhat. But maybe that’s just me.

Since I’m not an expert on anything of either of these artists I won’t bore you extra talk. Just know Ariana’s début album Truly Yours is set to be released in September 2013. Enjoy.

Supreme Soul

Ariana Grand - Truly Yours