D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Ain’t That Easy

Although it’s taken me a while to actually sit and listen to this album I was pleasantly surprised when I hit play that the first track seemed to be the best track. That’s not taking anything away from the other songs on the album Black Messiah, but this particular song seemed to resonate the most with me. Maybe it’s because of the funky groove set forth at the beginning, or perhaps it’s D’Angelo and the smooth delivery of neo soul he brings to it. Whatever it is, I like it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So I think it’s worth a listen, or two, or three. Check it out below and thanks for stopping by 3GW.

Supreme Soul


Marsha Ambrosius – You & I

It’s been a while since I posted some music that wasn’t DJ Supreme Soul affiliated. Although I’m behind with making readers aware of this joint’s greatness, I know that it will be something you will likely go back to from time to time for its smoothness and ease on the ears. I must admit when I first heard the beginning I wasn’t too captivated, but when the beat drops I was hooked from that point forward. Add that to the idea that it’s not the typical love song where the singer is crooning for her special someone and I’m now truly intrigued. I’m not sure who the oh so talented Marsha Ambrosius is delivering this heart-felt and soulful request at making things whole again to, but whomever it may be definitely left her with some unresolved feelings that made for something great on wax. If you haven’t heard it please take a moment to enjoy, and if you have then you’re welcome for being able to get this reminder of what makes Marsha a favorite of yours and 3GW.

Supreme Soul


DJ Supreme Soul – Loose Cannon Part 6

So after a very long hiatus and a lot of changes in my regular day to day activities, yours truly has made it back from the dead! Can’t line the 3GW blog with the classic posts yet since I’m still getting settled in the new locale, but I will try to slowly get back on it with some regular posts from time to time.

With that being said, welcome back to the faithful readers of 3GW and here is another mix from the one and only DJ Supreme Soul. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and use some genres of music that are not the most familiar to me for this mix. So fitting enough, what came to be made ended up being the 6th version of the
Loose Cannon series. Good music as always…just may take a second for it to hit that musical sweet spot. Thanks for for reading and enjoy.

Supreme Soul


Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Loose Cannon Part 6

DJ Supreme Soul – 225-504 Mix

It’s been quite some time since our last post at 3GW. Blame it on a very busy work schedule for the past few months. Once things die down, we will be back to doing some regular posting so please don’t forget about us.


In the meantime, and to keep my sanity amongst all the work that surrounds me on a daily basis lately, I decided to lay down some hotness for those that are a fan of the mixing of the one and only DJ Supreme Soul. Here is some music that comes mostly from my home state, specifically 2 cities I’ve had the pleasure of residing in for some years. Baton Rouge aka “The 225” and New Orleans aka “The 504”. Featuring some classic southern Louisiana hip hop from these respective cities, this mix will definitely take you back a decade or two if you’ve had the pleasure of hearing them before. If not, sit back and enjoy the gift of hip hop from “The Boot”. After all, we are known for our southern hospitality down here.

Supreme Soul

DJ Supreme Soul's 225-504 Mix

Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s 225-504 Mix

DJ Supreme Soul – Chilled Out Celebration Part 2

Due to my crazy weekend work schedule this mix’s ultimate release to those that are fans of the mixing done by DJ Supreme Soul has been delayed. I wanted to release it on the weekend so all the potential cookouts would have a very nice chilled out mix that could be enjoyed with a nice drink…or 2…or 3. Although that didn’t happen this weekend, I’m sure the next party or gathering or family function won’t be too far away. So I give to you DJ Supreme Soul’s Chilled Out Celebration Part 2. This joint features a healthy volume of new and old R&B with a splash of hip hop by artists such as Blackstreet, Estelle, Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, Marsha Ambrosius, Rihanna, Missy Elliot, Musiq Soulchild, Craig David, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Carl Thomas, Floetry, Justin Timberlake, Joe, and Ryan Leslie.  So feel free to add this to the rotation for your next event’s soundtrack and as always have one for me while you’re grooving. Thanks for listening.

Supreme Soul

DJ Supreme Soul's Chilled Out Celebration Part 2

Listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Chilled Out Celebration Part 2 here