Eminem – Survival

Just caught wind of this track from a friend’s recommendation. Sounds like Eminem is back at his high standard of endless lyricism, and it is a much welcomed track after a 3 year hiatus. Survival is set to be a part of Marshall’s next album. Now when that album is released, who knows. But until then take a listen to the track below.

Supreme Soul


DJ Supreme Soul – Perseverance Mix

I made this mix of hip hop on the fly and saw an underlying theme when listening to the playback. To me it speaks of what I call “the will of a hustler” referring to the mindset of never letting failure beset you. Whether you’re putting on a smiling face in troubled times, believing that you’re going to the top against all odds, or simply having the feeling like you need to celebrate when all the hard work pays off, this mix features songs that expand on these thoughts and emotions. You just have to pay attention to the stories told by the lyrics to grasp the overall concept:

I shall succeed.

By any means necessary.

No excuses.

– Supreme Soul (aka DJ Supreme Soul)

Muhammad Ali v George Foreman

Click here to download and listen to DJ Supreme Soul’s Perseverance Mix