The Dream – Too Early feat. Gary Clark Jr

Although I’m not a big fan of The Dream, I must admit that the guy has an abundance of skill when it comes to writing and producing music. Every once in a while I will venture into the realm that is his music and be pleasantly surprised to hear that he made a particular song or had something to do with its creation. The same can be said when I saw video for a recent performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I figured I could give it a listen and possibly be surprised at what he offered to the live audience. Well, I’m glad to say that it was the good kind of surprise and not the opposite. Despite him hitting a few wrong notes during the performance, I was drawn in by the overall performance and song writing. Add the fact that he had Gary Clark, Jr and The Roots accompanying him during the set, and I easily discerned why this joint was so entertaining. I recommend you check out the latest album by The Dream because of this showing. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a listen below and thanks for reading at 3GW.

– Supreme Soul