DJ Supreme Soul – Loose Cannon Part 6

So after a very long hiatus and a lot of changes in my regular day to day activities, yours truly has made it back from the dead! Can’t line the 3GW blog with the classic posts yet since I’m still getting settled in the new locale, but I will try to slowly get back on it with some regular posts from time to time.

With that being said, welcome back to the faithful readers of 3GW and here is another mix from the one and only DJ Supreme Soul. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and use some genres of music that are not the most familiar to me for this mix. So fitting enough, what came to be made ended up being the 6th version of the
Loose Cannon series. Good music as always…just may take a second for it to hit that musical sweet spot. Thanks for for reading and enjoy.

Supreme Soul


Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Loose Cannon Part 6

DJ Supreme Soul – Loose Cannon Part 2

I bring to you the 2nd edition of the Loose Cannon series featuring hip hop and R&B music both new and old. It has songs from hip hop gurus Nas, J. Cole, Little Brother, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West, while also bringing some R&B feel to it with Jonell, Chris Brown, and Total. Altogether, about 25 minutes of good music to help you get through whatever task you’re tackling at the time. Click the link below to listen to the mix and if you enjoy it enough there is also a place where you can download it after clicking the link. Thanks for checking us out at 3GW and happy listening.

Supreme Soul


Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Loose Cannon Part 2