DJ Supreme Soul’s Ball of Emotions


A mix that highlights the emotions you might go through when you’re at different points in a relationship.

DJ Supreme Soul


DJ Supreme Soul – Soul Baby Mix

Hello faithful followers of 3GW! Here is a mix of some soulful hip hop and R&B that was created for the celebration of special baby that will be as soulful as they come. Enjoy.

Supreme Soul


Click here to listen to DJ Supreme Soul’s Soul Baby Mix

Marsha Ambrosius – You & I

It’s been a while since I posted some music that wasn’t DJ Supreme Soul affiliated. Although I’m behind with making readers aware of this joint’s greatness, I know that it will be something you will likely go back to from time to time for its smoothness and ease on the ears. I must admit when I first heard the beginning I wasn’t too captivated, but when the beat drops I was hooked from that point forward. Add that to the idea that it’s not the typical love song where the singer is crooning for her special someone and I’m now truly intrigued. I’m not sure who the oh so talented Marsha Ambrosius is delivering this heart-felt and soulful request at making things whole again to, but whomever it may be definitely left her with some unresolved feelings that made for something great on wax. If you haven’t heard it please take a moment to enjoy, and if you have then you’re welcome for being able to get this reminder of what makes Marsha a favorite of yours and 3GW.

Supreme Soul


DJ Supreme Soul’s Ant vs. Robin Mix

I’ve been thinking of doing a mix featuring the music of these two soulful artists for quite some time and finally got around to accomplishing this goal. It features music from several albums by Anthony Hamilton and Robin Thicke so take a listen and enjoy.

Supreme Soul (aka DJ Supreme Soul)


Listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Ant v. Robin Mix here!!!