The Family

Robert De Niro. Michelle Pfeiffer. Tommy Lee Jones. It can’t get much better than that. Unless you add them all together in a comedy movie. Then you might just have the blueprint for a great, and soon to be classic, movie.

When most see the title The Family and it deals with anything Italian, the idea that it’s a gangster movie usually comes to mind. A la The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino. Get the drift. Low and behold, that’s what this film is about, but with an intricate twist. More specifically, the main family in The Family is an actual family. Confused yet? Thought not.

It actually pits an Italian mob “family” versus a not so regular Italian family consisting of dad, mom, daughter and son. The latter family seems to be able to hold their own against the former in the trailer, but I think how the preview demonstrates that they’re a formidable opponent makes this a must see. The plot reads like this.

The Manzoni family, a notorious mafia clan, is relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program, where fitting in soon becomes challenging as their old habits die-hard.

Supreme Soul