Logic – Under Pressure

So it’s been a while since I brought a newer artist to 3GW readers. I was put on to this lyricist (better known as Logic) by my older brother (what up Jerrell?!) and was pleasantly surprised by his delivery, ability to paint a vivid picture with his lyrics, and change of style and pace on different songs. It wasn’t until much later that I found out that he was from Gaithersburg, MD (what up DMV?!) and was ‘white’. Now this isn’t important to me, as much as it might be to some others, because I believe if you have talent to do something and do it far better than others then you should be celebrated. That’s right celebrated and not criticized because you don’t look like the majority of those within that given field.


I later found out that he is actually mixed, despite what he may appear to be, and had an upbringing typical of what many rappers usually recall from their childhoods. Logic grew up with a white mother who battled prostitution and addiction while his black father was addicted to drugs and even scored crack from Logic’s brothers. If that ain’t life experience to be a rapper, then I don’t know what is.


This brings me to the track Under Pressure, which is featured on his album of the same name as the track’s title; let’s just begin with the word DAMN!? Production is on point from the moment you press play, and Logic jumps on the track to begin hitting the listener with a constant barrage of lyrical hay makers. I definitely cosign to the words of the chorus coming with my background of grinding to outwork all others trying to get it like me. So when he first uttered “Work so f*cking much my greatest fear is I’mma die alone………….Every diamond in my chain, yeah that’s a milestone!”, I was practically sold and it became one of my favorite tracks of his.

Yet, the part that was most surprising to this listener, and likely most others, was what came through the speakers around the 3 minute and 50 second mark. The change of production and change of lyrical presentation that came together fits perfectly; so perfectly that it reminds me of….well….other things that fit perfectly together. Things like, peanut butter and jelly; Kool-Aid and sugar; beaches and adult beverages; a freshly washed car and a full tank of gas. You get the idea where I’m going with this? No, well my point is that he did the damn thing even when the beat changed completely and didn’t miss a single beat at delivering greatness. He continues to lay down a masterful story of who he is in a poetic way, giving the listener a glimpse into where he comes from and how he deals with his pain and his truths.

The full version (featured below) is about 9 minutes of consistent, varied hip hop. I dare you to find another like it that’s on the same level. Consequently, someone like me who seems to always be “working so f*cking much” truly can relate to this track and will forever have it cued up as a reminder of the struggle and the diamonds that are now my very own milestones. Thanks for reading and stopping by 3GW.

Supreme Soul