The Rounds Initiative at XULA (2016)

The Rounds Initiative recently returned to the place where it all began, Xavier University of Louisiana. It was from this initiative that the creator and guest physicians, dentists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have educated and motivated hundreds of students to continue their pursuits of careers in the medical field.  The 2016 sessions continued to be large successes with many of the students staying after the presentations and question and answer portions were completed to speak with the physicians and dentist who volunteered their time. Efforts such as this can and will effectively change the narrative that young minority students see and understand.  It is for that reason that I want to share a few clips of the 2016 September session, and will continue to promote the conducting of The Rounds Initiative across the country when able to do so. Be sure to check it out below and follow both Dr. Jasper (@drbjasper) and The Round Initiative (@theroundsinitiative) on Instagram to see some motivating and educational posts.

– Supreme Soul

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How ironic is it that at the most recent session of #TheRoundsInitiative the topic of how to deal with micro-aggressions while being a minority in the healthcare field was discussed. We believe Dr. Sherman, featured in this clip, and our other guests each gave very poignant answers on different ways to deal with it. We also want to take a moment to say whether it be micro or macro-agressions against minorities in the healthcare field, we all at The Rounds Initiative stand with our sister in medicine, Dr. #TamikaCross in her recent experience dealing with this same subject. Many of us experience this for no other reason than ignorance to idea that if you are of a certain skin tone then you can be that color and be qualified, educated, and smart enough to do a certain job. With that we thank all of our minority doctors, #pharmacists, #nurses, #physicianassistants, #technicians, and anyone else we may have not have mentioned for continuing to remain steadfast despite this logic. Because both @theroundsinitiative and @cmmpmed, on top of the foundation and mission that @drbjasper has established, know #WhatADoctorLooksLike and we will continue to ensure there are plenty more of those same doctors for generations to come. #medicalstudents #medicalschool #medschool #premed #medicaleducation #mentor #mentoring #doctors #blackdoctors #cmmpmed #drbjasper #hbcu #hbcugraduates

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