DJ Supreme Soul – Shakedown Scene 3

This mix may be the best of the Shakedown series. Featuring more upbeat music that’s sure to keep you grooving, Scene 3 will definitely make you get up and move until you’re thirsty for more. Check out the mix and please pass it on to all who are worthy of its funk and R&B goodness.

– Supreme Soul

DJ Supreme Soul's Shakedown - Scene 3(1)

Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s – Shakedown Scene 3

DJ Supreme Soul – Food 4 Soul Parts 1, 2, and 3

I’ll make this post brief since the content of these mixes are pretty straightforward. Here are all 3 versions of my Food 4 Soul mixes. I’ve been told by those that have listened to them that they each have something unique, but all are packed with music that puts the soul where it needs to be. Take a listen and if you happen to enjoy please let us know and pass them on to others who might enjoy them as well. Thanks.

– Supreme Soul


Click here to download DJ Supreme Soul’s Food 4 Soul Part 1


Click here to download DJ Supreme Soul’s Food 4 Soul Part 2


Click here to download DJ Supreme Soul’s Food 4 Soul Part 3

Worth 1000

Well it’s Monday again. That means it’s time for the latest installment of Worth 1000. So take a look at this weeks collection and if you’re inspired by any of them feel free to comment with 1, 1000, or just 3 good words that come to your mind when you look at them. Also, you can click the individual photos to see some of the words that come to mind from some of us at 3GW.

Supreme Soul

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DJ Supreme Soul – Maad City Magna Carta Mix

Seeing that Kendrick Lamar lit a fire under many different artists after dropping his verse on Big Sean‘s Control, I figured I would also do some work on the 1s and 2s. The question then became what to lay down for the masses to hear. I ended up thinking about some of the tracks from Kendrick’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City album and got to wondering if some of them would match well with Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail tracks. Low and behold, they were damn near a perfect match. So at that point, it was up to me to bring them into synergy, and I proceeded to make this mix that will grace your ears shortly. It features music that definitely personifies what hip hop can and should be, and makes for easy listening when done well. So enough talking. Check out the mix and enjoy. Feedback is always welcomed and thanks for stopping by 3GW.

Supreme Soul

DJ Supreme Soul's Maad City Magna Carta Mix

Click here to listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s Maad City Magna Carta Mix

Eminem – Survival

Just caught wind of this track from a friend’s recommendation. Sounds like Eminem is back at his high standard of endless lyricism, and it is a much welcomed track after a 3 year hiatus. Survival is set to be a part of Marshall’s next album. Now when that album is released, who knows. But until then take a listen to the track below.

Supreme Soul


Ariana Grande – Right There feat. Big Sean

Stumbled across this one after checking out one of the links featured under 3GW’s own Other Sites page. Never heard of Ariana Grande before this track, but since I saw it said there was a sample of Crush On You by Lil Kim I gave it a listen. I’m glad I did, because Ms. Grande and Big Sean did a pretty good job on this collaboration. If I wasn’t paying attention to the screen, I could see how this young lady could sound like Mariah Carey somewhat. But maybe that’s just me.

Since I’m not an expert on anything of either of these artists I won’t bore you extra talk. Just know Ariana’s début album Truly Yours is set to be released in September 2013. Enjoy.

Supreme Soul

Ariana Grand - Truly Yours